Polybius is a PC game released by RogueSynapse (under the name Sinneslöschen) in 2007.

Wikipedia SummaryEdit

On July 20, 2007 a Sinneslöschen website went online, offering a freeware Polybius game for download, as well as artwork for the cabinet. The game, created with DarkBASIC, features gameplay and graphics based on the interview with Steven Roach and includes messages with the same text as those in the 1988 movie They Live. This and the site were made by the same person who created and released other freeware games at the site RogueSynapse. In fact, both and point at the same IP address, while the PC Polybius game can be seen running in a custom cabinet in a photograph at RogueSynapse.

Several videos of this game have been made and uploaded to YouTube, where it is often described as if it was the actual game the urban legend is about. Some videos, due to their spinning graphics, may cause negative effects to those with epilepsy.